Hi! Welcome to my Blog! This is the guide for reading all my blogs.

A lot has changed from the time when I wrote this guide for the first time to now.

We add a lot more content, we add many more categories we also removed a category.

So, this is an update to the guide and how to navigate our website.


On the homepage (header) of this website, you can find categories. You can navigate through them according to your interests.

Here are the categories on my blog:

  1. Trending – Currently trending tech topics
  2. Tech News – Some important news related to technology
  3. Tech Tricks – Tech tricks to increase productivity
  4. Softwares – Cool Softwares to help you in your day-to-day life
  5. Podcasts – Clips of many podcasts with good info
  6. Reviews – Reviews of gadgets & recommendations on your purchases
  7. Offers – Latest deals to get tech
  8. Uncategorized – All the posts which don’t belong to the above categories

After clicking a category, you can find many articles in that category. You can pick an article of your choice and enjoy reading.

Hope you like my blog and get good information from me.