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This is the beginning of my weekly newsletter “The Focus Factor“. In this newsletter, I will share so many tricks which will improve your life. This is about productivity and efficiency in this competitive world. This newsletter shares the important things which are not taught in school.

So, let’s take a small step and level up our lives!

Credit: Brett Jordan

What can you expect from this?

So, this newsletter is not only for sharing some essential life tricks and tips but also for my thoughts on this world. We will not only talk about productivity, efficiency, focus etc. but also about current topics in this world of 7.8B people.

I will tell you all the secrets of my life and also tricks, principles and strategies using which I live a happier and efficient life.

This is my book in the making. So, consider yourself lucky, this is the premiere of my book. (I don’t even know when I will write it and even if will write it or not)

Why should you join this newsletter?

I’ll share all of my secret tricks which I’ve learnt through trial and error in the past 16 years of my life. Trust me, these are never taught in school/tuition/college. And these tricks are not huge. They are tiny but make remarkable changes in your lives.

So, let’s get started, join me in this newsletter every week.

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