Is buying WordPress themes & plugins from Web Insights Safe? Buy plugins from Rs. 350

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Yes, it’s safe to buy plugins from Web Insights ( But always check the reviews of other retail sellers of WordPress themes and Plugins. Some retailers may sell products that are cracked. But Theme9 (Web Insights) is completely safe.

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If you can’t afford to buy WordPress themes and plugins from the official sites, you can buy the same products from retailers like Web Insights.

These products from retailers cost very less as compared to the original prices on the official websites. Retailers generally cost $5 for any plugins and $10 for themes. But retailers may also be scammy.

They may sell you nulled or cracked products that are not good for your WordPress site. Today, we are going to learn about identifying whether a retailer is genuine or not and why you should / should not buy plugins from a retailer.

How do retail themes and plugins work?

Generally, these plugins and themes cost you from $3 to $10 each in the retail market. If you buy them from the official site, you may need to pay at least 50 times more for a large number of products.

But how do retailers offer these WordPress products for a very lower cost? Let me explain. There are two types of retailers. The first type sells the original plugins. The second type sells cracked products.

You should not buy any products from the sellers who sell GPL or cracked plugins and themes. They may harm your website. You have to buy from the original retailers. Let’s learn more.

How do Retailers offer Original WordPress themes & plugins at 50 times less cost?

Buying WordPress themes and plugins from original retailers is safe. But how can they offer original products at 50 times low cost?

They buy the original products like Generate Press Premium, WP Rocket, Rank Math SEO, Elementor, etc in large numbers. The quantity varies from product to product.

For example, Generate Press Premium is available for 500 sites and WP Rocket for infinite sites. Retailers buy as many products as possible. After purchasing these products, they create e-commerce platforms for buyers.

Retailers sell the bought products individually for each buyer at a lower cost than the official price but higher than the cost for an individual product. Let’s look at an example.

Example: Generate Press Premium’s official price for 500 sites is $249(for the lifetime version). So, the retailer is paying $0.498 ($249/500) for each site. He/she prices the same product less than the Original price($249) but more than the cost($0.498). Generally $5-$10 for each product.

So, they earn a profit, and the buyers get the WordPress products they want at a cost (generally) 50 times less than the official price. Buying WordPress products from these retailers is safe.

Note: When I mention Web Insights or, I refer to the e-commerce platform by Web Insights and team.

Is buying WordPress plugins & themes from Web Insights safe?

Buying any WordPress products from Theme9 is safe. In today’s market, is the best plugins and themes retailer. I bought many plugins from them. They not only have themes and plugins but also offer services. Let’s see them in detail.

The Themes that offers are as follows:

  • Astra Pro @ ₹599
  • Generate Press Premium (1-year updates) @ ₹499
  • Generate Press Premium (Lifetime updates) @ ₹699

The Plugins that offers are as follows:

  • WP Rocket
  • Elementor Pro
  • Rank Math Pro
  • Woozone
  • Essential Addons for Elementor
  • ACF Pro – Advanced Custom Feilds
  • Premium Addons for Elementor
  • WP Safe Link
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • Astra Premium Sites
  • Brave Popup Builder Pro

The Services that (Web Insights) offers are as follows:

  • Adsense Approval
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Business Email Setup
  • Fix Design Errors
  • Website Migration
  • Fix Google Search Console Issues
  • Fix Onpage SEO errors
  • Rank Math SEO Setup

Coupon Code: You can also use the coupon code OFF10 to get a 10% additional discount on your cart.

Theme9 delivers any orders within 24 hours. They also send notifications through emails when any product is ordered, delivered, or any issue occurs. Finally, they are the best retailers for WordPress products like themes, plugins, and designs.

How to give WordPress access to Theme9?

When you order any product, you need to give access to your WordPress panel so that Theme9 could install the ordered product on your site. There are two ways to do this-

  • Login details
  • Temporary Login Link

Login Details: In this method, you have to give your WordPress login credentials to Theme9. This is an easy option.

Temporary Login Link: In this method, you must create a temporary login link using a WordPress plugin called “Temporary Login Without Password“. This is a safer option as you can set the time. Learn more.

Note: After buying any product, you will get a video from Theme9 explaining how to do this process.

Now, let’s look at some of the questions that you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is buying WordPress themes, plugins, and designs from WebInisights ( Safe?

Yes, buying WordPress themes, plugins, and readymade designs from (by Web Insights) is safe. Using their services doesn’t harm your WordPress site in any way.

Are WordPress themes and plugins free on

No, themes and plugins are paid on But, there is very less cost on compared to the official price. So, buying themes, plugins, and readymade designs from can be beneficial.

Which theme is used in Web Insight’s readymade designs?

Web Insights( builds readymade designs on Generate Press Premium theme. The major postulate is the speed of this theme. Generate Press theme is very fast. So,’s readymade designs have high speed.

What are the ways to give WordPress Access to

There are two ways to give WordPress Access to or Web Insights – WordPress admin credentials and a Temporary Login link. You will get an introductory video explaining this process after you buy a product.

What is the cost of Generate Press Premium theme in

The price of Generate Press Premium theme is ₹749 for the lifetime version. This price is very low compared to the official price.

At the end

If you want to buy themes or plugins for single sites, then retailers like are beneficial for you. If you have many websites and want to use the products on them, then you can buy from the official sites.

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