Jio Fiber Longterm Review – 2022

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Nowadays, Jio Fiber is being advertised so much which makes you think that it’s the best broadband connection you can get. But is it really that good? Let’s find out.

If you are planning to take Jio Fiber for your broadband needs, you need to read this review. In this review, I am going to about its router, speed, downtime, time taken to fix (if down)experience with the staff, etc… of Jio Fibernet.

Jio Fiber Router


Almost all of the routers of Jio have the same features. They are

  • The router is a dual Band Router – 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
  • The range of the router is between 12-15 meters
  • The router has 3-4 LAN Ports (depending on model)
  • The router has 1 Phone port and cable for the Land phone (you can also use the Jio Join app for WiFi Calling Feature)
  • It has a “Reset” and a “WPS” button

Postulates & Drawbacks

The router is decent. I am using the same router since 2019. It is working all the time. It is turned on 24/7. It has had no issues till now. Its temperature is cool always.

But the major drawback of the Router is its startup time. It takes almost 3 minutes to turn on. If there are Power issues in your place, then you might want to buy WiFi Power Backup. Jio Fibernet’s Fiber wire gets directly inserted into the router. So, there is no worry about modems, media converters etc… Overall, it’s a good router.


There are many plans in JioFiber. No matter what plan it is, whether 30MBPS or 100MBPS or any other, the speed is as promised.

But 1-5 MBPS of speed is lesser than the actual plan due to various reasons. Because speed not only depends upon the plan but also the distance between your router and Jio’s WiFi Hubs, the distance between your router and devices, etc…


In my 3-4 years of experience with Jio Fiber, I didn’t notice any downtime. Downtime depends upon the area you are living in. But for most people, there will be no downtime.

Time taken to fix(if down)

I didn’t experience any downtime but my friend experienced an issue in 2021.

Whenever there will an issue, you will be automatically notified by Jio or their Staff via message. When you ping them back or call them, they fix all the issues in 1 to 2 days.

Experience with staff

My experience with the staff from the first day of setup till today is good. But the staff depends on the place you are living.

If your place has many connections, they will not be able to process your requests quickly. So, we can’t justify staff just from one perspective.

Jio Fiber Review

Jio Fiber is good. If you want to take any broadband connection, instead of taking a connection from local providers, taking the same connection from Jio / Airtel is better. Jio / Airtel also provide their apps for checking the uses, for recharge. Local providers may not provide these services. And Jio has launched new plans with free installation. Learn more about, Jio Fiber New Plans.

Jio Fiber New Plans – 2022

Jio also provides free set-top boxes. So, you recharge for both Fiber and Set-top Box at once. Overall, Jio Fiber is worth trying out.

Are you going to take Jio Fibernet? Let me know in the comments

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