Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

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Most of us use Google Chrome as our default browser. It is suitable for most of us. But if you want to upgrade your Google Chrome experience, you can try out these extensions. Let’s see what these extensions are and how can they help us increase productivity.

Note: All of these browser extensions work with Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.


Unhook is a free Google Chrome Extension that helps you to avoid distractions and focus on learning. It blocks the homepage and recommendations/suggestions on Youtube. When you want to learn about something and don’t want to get distracted, you can turn on Unhook. It has many features to block various distractions on Youtube. It can block comments, suggestions, homepages, mixes, playlists, and live chat. When you want to learn something, you can turn on Unhook according to your custom settings and use the search bar of Youtube to search and learn. Note that Unhook is specific only for Youtube.

These are some of the features of Unhook.

Unhook - Features

In this way, you can surf the good content on Youtube and avoid the junk content. Learn more about using Unhook.


Grammarly is a Google Chrome Extension which helps you in correcting your English. When you are writing a post, comment, or taking notes, Grammarly automatically turns on and underlines the wrong words / spellings. It also has a double-click feature which helps in finding definitions and synonyms. If you double-click a word while reading, it shows its meaning. Grammarly also has an autocorrect feature. If you are writing something and wrote a spelling wrong, it automatically corrects it. Grammarly - Features

If you are reading, writing articles, Grammarly helps you in improving your language. Learn more about using Grammarly.


Calendly is a tool/extension that helps you in planning meetings with others. To plan a meeting with anyone, you have to send a custom link (specific for you) that shows all your free time blocks. The other person can pick a time that is suitable for him / her and falls in your free time. If that person plans a meeting with you, you will be notified and the free time on your calendar will be blocked (None can plan a meeting with you in the blocked time).

Calendly - View

If you are busy / you want to plan meetings, this is a great tool for you. Learn more about using Calendly.

Video Notebook

If you liked Unhook, you will love Video Notebook. Video Notebook is a Google Chrome Extension that helps you in taking notes while watching courses, videos, etc… You can take screenshots, and time-stamped notes. Video Notebook enables us to take notes on various video platforms like Youtube, Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, etc… You can search the previously recorded / taken notes. Video Notebook has a feature that helps us arrange our notes in a hierarchy that is Notes and Pages.

Video Notebook - Interface

If you watch courses online, Video Notebook is a must extension for taking notes. Learn more about using Video Notebook.


Idenati is a Google Chrome Extension that organizes all your favorite websites and shows them as a homepage as tiles. You can group the websites according to your wish. Using Idenati, you can avoid the problems with marking bookmarks, and sorting them into folders. You can also create to-do lists using Idenati. It also has a password manager. When you click on tiles to open websites, it automatically fills in the usernames and passwords for that particular website. It is free to use.

Idenati - Dashboard

If you are browsing many websites, Idenati helps you in organizing them. Learn more about using Idenati.

These are our top recommendations for you to improve your browser experience, to increase your productivity. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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