Add Note, Warning, Info, Error blocks on WordPress site (Free & Easy)

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To add Note, Warning, Info, and Success blocks in WordPress, install the “Simple Note” plugin from WordPress Directory. After installing, go to the edit section of a post or a page, add a new block, and select the blocks to add for free.

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Do you want to add various blocks like note, warning, info, success? Well, it’s easy to do if you use WordPress to manage your website.

Now, we are going to add note, warning, and information blocks to your posts and pages. We will also detail why and where to use these blocks. Let’s start.

Add Note, Warning, Info, Error blocks on WordPress site (Free & Easy)

Why use various blocks in blog posts – WordPress?

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Before getting into adding notification blocks, let’s find out why to add them.

There are many reasons to use info, warning, success, error blocks in your blog posts. First of all these blocks help your visitors in identifying the content. For example, if they see a warning block, they will definitely pay attention to find out the warning message.

They may not pay attention if you write the same warning message as a normal paragraph. These unique info, warning, success, and error blocks stand out from the rest of the content. They are used to convey an important message. If you want your visitors to know about something important, then you have to use these blocks.

Generally, these blocks are used to share something important. So, if you use more of these blocks in your blogs, readers may not pay attention to any of them. So, you need to use these content blocks within a limit. Make sure that you don’t frequently show these blocks.

Now that you know why to use notification blocks, let’s find out how to use info blocks in your WordPress blog.

Preview of these notification blocks

Here is a preview of the blocks that we are going to set up.

Preview of Note, Warning, Info, Error blocks

The text in the blocks can be customized.

How to use Info, Warning, Success, Error blocks in WordPress Site?

To add Info, Warning, Success, and Error blocks in a WordPress Blog, follow these steps.

  1. Install and Activate the “Simple Note” plugin
  2. Go to the editor of a page/post
  3. Add a block by clicking the + (plus) button
  4. Select the kind of notification block (info/warning/success/error)
  5. Enter the text that you want to show
  6. Publish the post/page
  7. After doing these steps, your post/page will have notification blocks

Let’s understand these steps more clearly.

Install and Activate Simple Note plugin

If you don’t know about installing a plugin in WordPress, here is a quick tutorial to install Simple Note Plugin. Simple Note is the plugin we are going to use to show notification blocks.

To install this plugin, log in to your WordPress. Then go to Plugins > Add New > Search Simple Note > Install > Activate. This plugin is completely free for all WordPress users. Learn more about installing a WordPress plugin. Here is an image representing this process.

Add Note, Warning, Info, Error blocks on WordPress site (Free & Easy)

Add a block by clicking the + (plus) button

After installation, we can use notification blocks in pages and posts directly. To use notification blocks, go to the edit section of any page/post.

In the edit section, click the plus icon that appears when you hover your cursor between two blocks. In the search bar of the panel, search the notification block that you want to show like Success, Info, Warning, Error.

After clicking the required block, it will be added. The content of the block will be empty. You can add text to the notification block by clicking on it.

Click Save Draft to save changes or Publish button to publish your page/post. To check the preview, you can click the Preview button. By the way, these buttons will be available at the top right side of the Gutenberg editor.

Save Draft, Preview, Publish Buttons

Note: If you uninstall the Simple Note plugin, the styling and images of the notification blocks will not be available.

Pros and Cons of using these blocks

The major drawback of the plugin that we are using in this method is variety. There is nothing bad about these blocks. But the plugin that we are using (Simple Note)has only four blocks to play around with.

Even though it is free, we can expect more variety of blocks. Even with its four blocks, it is useful in the long term. So, I recommend this plugin. Especially if you are a technology-based blogger, this is a must-use plugin.

But I personally don’t use this plugin. Currently, I use the AffiliateX plugin as it has a wide range of blocks. I customized the notice block in it. It works well. I will write an article on how I customized AffiliateX blocks in the future.

I recommend AffiliateX if you are into affiliate marketing. But if you just want notification blocks, Simple Note is good for you. Simple Note is free and also lightweight. So, it doesn’t cause a hike in load speeds.

So, if you just want notification blocks, go with Simple note.

Winding Up

Okay, this is how we can add notification blocks in WordPress. In the future, I will write more detailed blogs about various plugins that can be used to show notification blocks.

Hope you understood and liked this article. If you have any more queries, you can drop them in the comments.

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