Create a Podcast for free! Earn Money in 2023

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To create a podcast for free, Anchor(by Spotify) can help you with everything you need to do. Anchor can help you Create, Record, Edit, and Publish your podcast on all platforms for free. It also has a free Cover Page Designer.

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So, You want to start a podcast? You want to earn influence, money, leaderboard etc…. Today, we will show you how you can create a podcast and make it available for streaming on all platforms for free.

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In this article, we are going to create a podcast, name it, create cover art and upload your first episode. All of this is on a single website and that too for free. You can have full control over your professional-looking podcast.

So, let’s get started with creating your own podcast. But, first, let’s have a look on the quick overview.

How to create a podcast for free (2023)

Quick Overview

In this article, we are going to cover these topics in depth.

  • How does Podcast hosting work?
  • Best podcast hosting platforms (for beginners)
  • Starting a Podcast

How does podcast hosting work?

For beginners, I have to tell you that the platforms like Spotify, Prime Music, and Resso don’t have the recordings of your podcast. They don’t stream your podcast. The platforms like Buzzsprout,, and Anchor have your podcast recordings.

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These hosting platforms connect to streaming services and ultimately your audience can enjoy your podcast. Hosting platforms send an RSS feed to the streaming platforms. When a user listens to your podcast, it is fed by hosting platforms.

Streaming platforms are just for users. You can’t create a podcast on streaming platforms. Now, let’s see a free podcast hosting platform exclusively for beginners.

Best Podcast Hosting Platform for beginners

In this world of podcast hosting, there are many platforms to host your own podcast. Its not possible to list and rank them. If you want an in-depth comparison of the podcast platforms, you can read this article by Adam Enfroy.

But, for beginners, the best podcast hosting platform is Anchor by Spotify. It is made by and integrated with Spotify. It helps you to post and host your podcasts easily.

Anchor is not only a hosting platform but also, it provides the analytics which are helpful to create more informative and engaging content. So, its our pick!

Now let’s see its uses and get started with building our podcast.

Start a Podcast on Anchor

Here are the steps to start a podcast on Anchor. Let’s see each of these steps in detail.

  1. Sign up on Anchor.
  2. Create a Cover Art.
  3. Post your first Episode

Let’s see each of these steps in a detailed way in the upcoming sections of this article.

Note: More information will be added to this article. The above-discussed steps will be shown in a detailed way. Thank you!

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