Google AdSense – How to get AdSense approval with 0 Traffic

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Did you try to apply for Google AdSense? Most of the websites which are applied for Google AdSense get rejected. Are you facing the same problem?

Well, this is not a new problem. It is quite common that your website is not approved by Google. This article helps you in solving this problem.

This article is a complete guide for getting Google Adsense approval on the first application. After following these steps, you will be able to show ads on your website and earn money through them.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a branch of Google which connect publishers with advertisers. Google AdSense helps publishers earn money through ads and helps advertisers by showing their ads.

If you are a publisher, Google AdSense will be a major source of your income. But Google AdSense can’t show ads on your website directly. You need to apply for Google AdSense.

After you apply, Google AdSense checks for some requirements. It also checks your content if it is good or bad. There are several other requirements which your site needs to have. Then, your site will be approved. Let

Even if you apply, there is no guarantee that your website gets approved. By using this trick, there is a 93.5% probability that your site gets approved. Let’s find out what the trick is.

The trick to Adsense approval

Google AdSense doesn’t have any requirements for traffic or content. But if you apply with less content or no content at all, then your site gets rejected. But here are the requirements for the trick.

  1. You need a professional domain name like “.com”, “in”,”org”, etc… A professional domain is one of the mandatory things that Google AdSense checks when you apply.
  2. In case of hosting, I recommend hosting, but you can use blogger also, it doesn’t matter. Click here to find out about creating a website with the above requirements.
  3. You need to have 25 articles / blogs with more than 1000 words in each article.
  4. Or else, you need to have 45 articles with more than 500-600 words.
  5. You need to have some important pages like privacy policy, contact us, about us, etc… You can create these pages here.
  6. Your should have original content, don’t copy and paste the content from the top websites ranked on Google. Make it as original and unique as possible.
  7. Avoid violating Google AdSense Content Policy. You can check it out here.

Following and applying these conditions, apply for Google Adsense. Hopefully, your website will be approved. But we can’t say that your site will approve. Let’s see what to do if your website is not approved.

What to do when your site is not approved.

Even after following these requirements, there are chances that your website may not be approved.

Then, there is no need to panic. You need to write 5-10 more articles and apply again. This time, your website will be approved.

This is how you can get your website approved for Google AdSense. After approval, you can show ads on your website and earn money through them.

How to get traffic to your website

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