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How to make your site appear on Google Search Results? To make your site appear on Google, it should know about your website and its content. Well, Google can’t find out about your website until you say it about your website. So, in this tutorial, we will find out how to tell Google about your website using Google Search Console and make it appear among the top 5 results.

To make your website appear on Google Search Results, you have to submit your site URLs to Google using Google Search Console. Go to Search Console, log in or signup using your domain. After, enter your URLs manually in the inspect box. After submitting URLs, your URLs will be shown on Google.

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Why Index your Website URLs using Google?

Everyone knows that you have to submit your website to Google Search Console. But many of them don’t know why. Let’s find out how indexing your URLs can help you get more traffic and ultimately lead to more income.

When you submit your URLs to search engines like Google, they crawl and index your website to find out about its content. After finding out about your site, search engines show your website links and content in search results relevant to the content. This helps you get more clicks and ultimately leads to more revenue.

Let’s understand this in a simpler way. When we submit URLs to search engines, their bots read your page and understand the content on your website. This reading of websites is called crawling. A bot or a crawler visits and reads your site content, this process is called crawling.

At this point, the bots know about your content. The bots add your website or blog links to the index. An index is like a place where all of the links and their data will be stored by search engines. After adding your site and its links to the index, they will be eligible to be shown in the search results.

Although your website is eligible for ranking on Google, it may or may not be shown in the search results. This happens due to competition, SEO, page speed etc… As you are just starting out, your domain authority will be less. So, your website links may be shown on the 3rd or 4th pages of search results. Your website’s position in the search results will improve as you post more content.

Submit your URLs for Indexing

You have to submit your website’s URLs for indexing to Google. To help publishers do this, they have a separate platform called “Google Search Console“. This platform helps publishers like you to submit your URLs and content to Google. Search Console can also be used for debugging any errors on your website. So, we are going to use it to submit our URLs to make them appear in Google Search results.


Google Search Console is helpful only if you want your links to appear on Google Search results. If you want your website to appear on other search engines like Bing, you have to use its services.

To show your site in Google Search results, we are going to submit your URLs to Google through Google Search Console. Here is how to do it.

  1. Login/Signup to Google Search Console using your domain and Google Account
  2. Type your URL in the box “Inspect any URL”
  3. If it is showing “URL is not on Google”, click “Request Indexing”
  4. After some time, your URL will be submitted, crawled and indexed by Google

Let us understand this in a more detailed way.

To submit your website’s URLs, login/signup to Search Console using your domain and Google Account. Logging in two times sounds weird but it is easy. Firstly, log in to Google Search Console using your Google account. After logging in, there will be an option to add property. Google calls a domain property.

You have to enter your domain name. A code will be generated that you to paste into your DNS settings. Google will take you through this process.


If you are using WordPress on your site, you can use Google Sitekit to complete this process automatically. Learn More…

After signing in, copy and paste the URL that you want to index in the box named “Inspect any URL”. If it shows “URL is not on Google”, it means that Google didn’t crawl or index your URL. In this case, click on “Request Indexing”

Google Search Console - Click Request Indexing

If it shows, “URL is on Google” then the URL is already crawled and indexed by Googlebot. So, you don’t need to request indexing again. If you changed the page linked with the URL, then you have to request indexing again.

Indexing and Crawling are not the same. If your URL has content that violates Google’s policies, then your URL may not be added to the index.

How much time does Google take to crawl & index your URL?

Google may take from a few minutes to a few weeks. This depends on the quantity and consistency of submitting URLs. Suppose if you submit an URL daily, Googlebot will index the URLs within minutes. At peak, my URLs took 13 minutes to index when I was posting daily. So, consistency matters.

For newbies, it may take from 2 days to 7 days for indexing one URL. This time decreases as you post more content. So, submit more URLs that have good content.

If your URLs are not indexing, then you have to request indexing again. But in the long term, the frequency of how fast you submit URLs matters.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how you index your URLs using Google Search Console. If you have any queries related to this topic, you can comment them down below. Remember that your site may not appear on the first pages of Google Search as your domain authority is low. As you post more, your domain authority increases, automatically your position in the search results also increases.

Thank you.

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