How to show Table of Contents in a post & page for WordPress Site

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Do you want to display a Table of Contents for your WordPress site? It is very easy to show a Table of Contents in WordPress. Showing a Table of Contents makes it easy for your readers to navigate through your post/page.

Most of the websites you visit/read articles have a Table of Contents, making it easy for you to scroll and skip through the content you don’t want to read.

Let’s create a Table of Contents!

Table of Contents

Why add a Table of contents?

Adding a table of contents helps your users to navigate through your website. A survey has found that most readers skip to the bottom of the website and check the content.

After roughly checking the contents of the article, readers scroll to the top and read the full article. So, adding a Table of Contents helps your users to check the contents of your page.

Adding a table of contents makes your users feel that there is valid content on your website. So, readers will read the complete article. This reduces the bounce rate and increases the duration of the user on the website.

How to add Table of Contents

We are going to use a plugin called “Easy Table of Contents” to add the table of contents to our website. It has many customisation options and it is also easy to use. You can also use HTML for adding a table of contents but it is hard and time taking.

  1. Go to the Plugins tab of your WordPress site
  2. Click on “Add New” on the top
  3. Type “Easy Table of Contents” in the search bar on the right side
  4. The plugin looks like this –>
  5. Easy Table of Contents - Look
  6. Click on “Install Now” to install the plugin
  7. After installing, activate the plugin by clicking on “Activate”
  8. You will be able to find “Table of Contents” if you hover over settings
  9. Table of Contents- Settings
  10. Click on “Table of Contents”
  11. You will find a page like this –>
  12. Easy Table of Contents - Interface
  13. Tick the places where you want to display a table of content. We recommend you to tick only Posts.
  14. Tick Posts in the “Auto Insert” section to insert a table of contents automatically
  15. You can select the position where you want to show a table of contents
  16. Scroll down till Headings. Select all of them
  17. Settings Click “Save Changes”

Easy Table of Contents Position, number of headings and display title of the table are customisable.

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