Use second keyboard as stream Deck

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If you have a second keyboard lying around in your house or you want to buy a stream deck, then we have a hack for you. With this hack, you can use your second keyboard as a stream deck or a macro board.

You can assign shortcuts to certain keys, and when you press them, the shortcuts get executed.

How to  use second keyboard as a stream deck?

1. Download HID Macros from or click here. If you don’t know, HID macros is an application that helps you to map any key of your keyboard to a shortcut or to run an application. We are going to use HID Macros to use a second keyboard for macros.

2. After downloading HID Macros, run it as administrator. To run it as an administrator, right-click on HID Macros and you will find an option “Run as Administrator”. Click on it.

3. You will see an interface like this ==>

Interface of HID Macros

4. Click on ‘New’. By clicking on New, you create a new macro. You have to name it to continue.

5. Click on Scan and press the key or combination of keys which you want to make a macro. Macro is a key that you assign to a command, and when the macro key is pressed, it will initiate the command.

6. If you want to run an application, select run application and in the input box, name the application that you want to run.

7. If you want to run a keyboard shortcut, you can program it easily. If you want to know how you can go to documentation in the help section

Bonus Trick

See a real-life use case of this:

Repeat this process every time you want to add a new macro.

Bonus Trick: You can use this method to convert a second keyboard into a stream deck.

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