Boost Affiliate Sales with AffiliateX – Free Comparison Tables, Pro & Cons, Verdict blocks

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AffiliateX is a free plugin with amazing blocks like Comparison Tables, Verdict, Pros & Cons, Copoun, Notice, Call to Action and Product Specification Blocks. These blocks increase and reduce your bounce rate.

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AffiliateX is one of the most popular affiliate blocks plugins. Many affiliate marketers promote it.

But is it really good? Or a waste of time? Let’s find out in this review. Today, I am going to tell you about AffiliateX and its features, blocks and how to customize these blocks.

A pro version of this plugin is also available. We are going to check it out as well. So, pack your bags for this review of one of the most talked about plugins- AffiliateX. Let’s get into it.

Quick Overview

This article covers the following topics.(Use the table of contents above to navigate)

  • Most used Blocks offered in AffiliateX
  • Some Other exciting features of AffiliateX
  • What are the Customization Options available in AffiliateX?
  • How to optimize the settings for a good UI?

Note: More information is going to be added to this article over time. Stay tuned!

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